"Although I may have thought that I had a "five star" massage from other therapists in the past, they pale compared to the feeling I have when I leave Truehart Wellness after receiving a massage from Rochelle! I tell her the areas that need attention, and wow - she goes to work and before I know it I leave feeling like a brand new person! And what's interesting, although I've been to her several times with similar areas needing attention, she never uses the same technique for the same areas. Yet, each technique does the job beautifully, and I get a mixture of different ways of treatment! This is so cool! She is by far the best, and I challenge anyone to find a better massage therapist! "

-Ronald Smith


"I absolutely love Rochelle! She is so professional and kind every time I see her. I've benefited from every session with her. Each visit is personalized down to the scents that she uses for that session. She's worth her weight in gold!"

-Leah Pratts


"Hands down the best massage I have ever received. This is not your average cookie cutter massage. She takes the time to really listen to you and tailors her technique to best suit your needs. I can't wait to see her again. "

-Yona Shmitter


"I have been going to Rochelle for many years now and from the first massage I just knew there was no one else! I am a professional house cleaner so my job puts a lot of stress on my body and without Rochelle I'd probably be crippled. She always has a new oil fragrance or lotion, new gadgets, or new methods to her massages so sessions never get boring! I highly recommend this amazing woman if you are looking for someone who is experienced, well educated, will learn your body and your muscles. She knows what I want without me even having to say anything...can your masseuse do that? 1000 Stars!!!"

-Janine Jarvais


"There are not enough stars here to define the excellence of the work that Rochelle Truehart-Lambert does. She is so professional and caring. She goes out of her way to make sure that all your issues are being addressed. She listens ! You know you are in the very best hands possible with Rochelle. I just can't say enough. I look forward to my next appointment. Rochelle is a true healer and massage therapist!"

-Dona Aria


"Truehart Message has been a lifesaver to me! I am a Cardiac Sonographer! I have physically put my body into my work for 14 years and was diagnosed with tendinitis of the right rotator cuff and due to the pain I've damaged my left shoulders as well! Rochelle is an angel and within two treatments I have so much movement to both my shoulders! Thank you so much Rochelle! See you at Journey!"

-Mylissa Pietropaoli Murphy

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